Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Moment

There is always a moment,
For everyone around,
Many have lived it,
Most haven’t yet found.
The moment which could be the beginning,
Of your so-called destiny,
The moment that you were waiting for,
For the one you wanted to be.
The most surprising thing about it is,
 May be it’s already there,
We are failing in recognizing it,
Hiding in the depths of despair.
So Arise,Awake,Act,Accomplish,
Before the moment is already gone,
It’s not late, it’s in your hands,
Break the barriers, steal the throne.
Coz you don’t want to regret it later,
Sitting alone with a cup of tea,
Life would be different,
 It could have been great,
If you wouldn’t have,
 Left all to fate.
Hats off to Dhoni and Co.
You lived the moment , and made all live it too!!

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